Why DevOps Is Useful

What is DevOps

Why DevOps exists

How DevOps works

  • Continuous integration: This means that every time you commit code and it gets merged into a main branch, it will go through the automated tests you set up. Any unit tests you have written will be run here. If the commit passes testing then it will be merged with the main branch. If it doesn’t then you’ll get an email telling you it failed. After you get past the tests, a build will automatically be run for you.
  • Continuous delivery: Once you have a build ready, this part will take that build and automatically deploy it. It’s usually the next step after continuous integration. You can set it to deploy the build directly to the development or production environment. This part mainly automates the deploys for you.
  • Monitoring: After your application has been deployed automatically, you might have certain statistics you need to watch. Memory usage is a big one and so is the number of users accessing the application. Monitoring makes sure that you can get to the cause of server problems and unexpected behavior.



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